24-Seven Cooling refrigeration systems turn ‘ice’ bills into ‘nice’ bills

We keep bang up to date with energy-saving developments, trawling the globe to  unearth the world’s most efficient refrigeration systems.

24-Seven Cooling’s exceptional success in maximising energy savings is not down to one single factor, but a whole combination of carefully considered components.

The right choice of doors, refrigerant, lighting and refrigeration cases can double efficiency and halve energy bills.

Every project we undertake, whether it be in the food, retail or health sector, demands a different approach. There is no one-size- fits-all solution for clients. The refrigeration systems we source and install are individually tailored to meet both the specific requirements of customers and the physical characteristics of individual buildings.

Whilst reducing energy bills and improving carbon footprints are our prime concerns, we appreciate that many customers demand equipment that looks good too.

Aesthetics are particularly important in public areas such as supermarkets and convenience stores.

We have had refrigeration cases finished in silver as a change from traditional white for customers who want to stand out from the crowd.

We have also installed stylish Italian energy-saving curved glass display counters to maximise the visual appeal, as well as cost savings. The distinctive units mix good looks with a highly practical solution, ensuring food is attractively showcased and easily accessed.

In one major food store we installed temperature controlled food units with a slick soft sheen, black finish. The result was a fabulous contemporary look, truly reflecting the sophistication of the state-of-the-art refrigeration system.

At the heart of our systems is the ‘brain’ which is typically positioned in the manager’s office. Operated by a simple control panel, it utilizes ‘fuzzy logic’ and records every activity over a five-year period.

Remarkably, the control system is self-learning, constantly monitoring performance. It makes energy-saving tweaks where it judges necessary, based on the information it processes. The brain even records how long cold room doors are left open, in addition to keeping tabs on all settings and alarms. Just how cool is that!

We create self-learning, ‘fuzzy logic’ control systems.  These are the ‘brains’ of refrigeration systems, automatically adjusting temperature settings to ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings.

As well as designing and installing refrigeration systems, we can also relocate existing equipment or decommission it.

The 'brain' of the system utilises 'fuzzy logic'.
The 'brain' of the system utilises 'fuzzy logic'.

Regular maintenance can save you thousands