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We work with the top manufacturers in the world to find the system that best suits the needs of our customers.


At 24-Seven Cooling we can give advice on the most economical and environmentally friendly systems available. We ensure all equipment is Grade A energy efficient and all our products come with a 12-month manufacturer's guarantee. After this warranty expires, we offer competitive service and maintenance packages.

Our product range includes air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and control systems.

The air conditioning systems we supply can be concealed in ceilings, walls or floors to avoid taking up any work space. In some cases, we can even install a remote plant room outside the premises. Customers can choose from:

Split systems, which are reliable and quiet. They can be installed almost anywhere and are unobtrusive. Each system consists of an outdoor condenser and an indoor fan coil unit which can be mounted on a wall, recessed into ceiling voids in a cassette (suitable, for example, for offices, shops and boardrooms), suspended from a ceiling, fitted low down on floors (handy for conference rooms and boardrooms) or ducted within a ceiling space, a good choice for a large office and conference rooms.

Multiple and VRV systems (for larger buildings with many rooms). These systems allow multiple indoor units to be connected to one outdoor condenser, lowering installation costs and and saving space. Options include a cooling only system or a heating and cooling system.

Variable Refrigerant Volume Systems (VRV) have been developed for large buildings with a large number of offices or rooms. Choices here include a cooling only inverter system, a heat pump inverter system and a heat recovery system, a sophisticated VRV capable of recovering heat from one room and delivering it to another one. 

Rooftop packaged systems for a floor or roof level unit which circulate air via dedicated duct work. You can opt for a cooling only unit or a combined cooling and heating unit.

Refrigeration and cold stores are crucial in many commercial and manufacturing premises. With individual site specifications and clients' ever changing business needs in mind, we offer:

Popular products include fridges and freezers, display chillers, ice machines, bar coolers, display and serve-over counters and cold stores.

We also fit ventilation supply and extraction systems, heat recovery ventilation and control systems including data loggers, auto dialers and a temperature logging service.

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Regular maintenance can save you thousands