Business partners and friends with decades of experience between them

Our Story

24-Seven Cooling was formed by Ean Jones and Paul Proud in 2001. The two partners have more than 60 years of combined experience in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

Together they go back even further as friends. Paul’s father was also a refrigeration engineer. His encouragement led to both men working for the same Midlands company as him. Ean considered it to be a temporary measure, but he enjoyed the job so much he abandoned his earlier dream of joining the RAF.

The two teenagers rapidly ‘warmed’ to the world of refrigeration and found air conditioning to be a breath of fresh air. Starting as apprentices, with tea-making among their regular duties, they soon acquired new skills and qualifications as they worked their way up the ladder.

Paul was eventually appointed service manager of the firm, with Ean reaching an equally senior position on the contracting side of the business.

Years later, after a takeover of the firm, an opportunity arose for them to combine their complementary skills and start their own company from scratch.

Success followed on an almost vertical path as numerous major businesses sought the expertise and value for money they offered. New premises were acquired on an industrial estate in Great Wyrley, and 24-Seven Cooling was on its way to becoming one of the country’s most trusted names in refrigeration and air conditioning.

Fast-forward the clock to today and the company employs 26 people from its headquarters in the heart of England. It’s a far cry from the cold start they made in 2001. The senior management team has since been bolstered with the appointments of Richard Nicolls as Service Director and Jeff Travell as Assistant Service Manager.

In addition to gaining a growing reputation for high quality installation and service work, 24-Seven Cooling is known for its dedication to keeping staff happy and at the top of their profession. Apprentices get the best on-the-job training, as well as being sent to college to gain valuable qualifications.

Ean and Paul have always believed that the strength of a business hinges on the ability and enthusiasm of its employees, and they are proud that 24-Seven Cooling has long been considered to be a great place to work. The reward for their investment in people is a successful company based on a contented, highly skilled, diverse and loyal workforce.

That epitomises what 24-Seven Cooling is all about.

24-Seven Cooling managing director Ean Jones.

Ean Jones, Managing Director


Paul Proud, Director

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