Maintenance saves time and money

Reliable systems supported by thorough maintenance packages offer ultimate security for our customers.


Routine maintenance not only keeps refrigeration and air conditioning systems running with maximum efficiency, it can prevent costly breakdowns.

Our maintenance packages make sound economic sense because they prolong the life of expensive parts. In the case of refrigeration units and cold store rooms, they can also avoid the need for food to be removed while repairs are carried out. This can save time, money and heartache.

24-Seven Cooling’s experienced engineers follow comprehensive servicing and strict cleaning procedures. Nothing is left to chance.

Drains are scrupulously scrubbed to avoid potentially costly water leaks. Grills and condensers are also kept in prime condition to minimise the risk of overheating and spiralling energy bills.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and honesty. Our maintenance support packages are transparent with no hidden costs or small print shocks.


Regular maintenance can save you thousands