Our energy-efficient air conditioning systems will blow you away!

24-Seven Cooling offers highly efficient commercial and industrial air conditioning systems which operate at the most comfortable temperature while minimising noise and energy bills.

We create an environment that greatly benefits both employees and customers, increasing productivity and profitability. And no matter what the weather is like, we’ll ensure the running costs won’t leave you feeling hot and bothered.

Our expert engineers have the qualifications and experience to deal with the service, installation and commissioning of projects of all sizes. They work for a diverse range of clients throughout the Midlands, including Staffordshire, Oxfordshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

The sophisticated air conditioning systems we install can be concealed in ceilings, floors or wall units to ensure they don’t take up valuable workspace. We have even created remote plant rooms in discrete locations outside main premises.

Our systems come in a mind-blowing number of forms covering split, multiple, VRV or rooftop solutions. Options include precise zonal control and integrated systems which can be combined with heating and ventilation.

Don’t worry about being baffled by the science. We will help you to match the best system to the characteristics of your building, your individual work practices and your budget.

The equipment we use is at the cutting edge of air conditioning technology.

24-Seven Cooling’s comprehensive and transparent maintenance packages have enabled us to build long-term relationships with our customers who continue to benefit from our expertise. Once an installation is complete, they gain extra peace of mind from knowing we are systematically doing all we can to prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs.

All our work fully complies with the latest health and safety regulations.

air conditioning installed by 24-Seven Cooling

Regular maintenance can save you thousands