24-Seven Cooling helps co-operative food store in Kingsbury reduce its energy bills and carbon footprint

A Midlands convenience store is undergoing a major refit with the help of 24-Seven Cooling.

Shoppers taking out food from energy efficient refrigeration units installed by 24-Seven Cooling at Dosthill Co-op..

Energy-efficient refrigeration systems installed by 24-Seven Cooling provide easy access for shoppers to food shelves.

The Great Wyrley firm is installing up-to-date refrigeration and air conditioning equipment at Tamworth Co-op’s Kingsbury store as part of the scheme.

The energy-efficient units will incorporate a new type of environmentally friendly refrigerant, enabling the store to reduce its bills and carbon footprint.

The work will also ensure noise from the refrigeration and air conditioning systems is kept to a minimum to comply with stringent regulations.

The refurbishment project is included in a roll-out of improvements at Tamworth Co-op stores to make them more energy-efficient and attractive to shoppers.

24-Seven Cooling managing director Ean Jones said the look of the refrigeration cases was an important consideration too when designing the plans.

“The air conditioning and refrigeration systems are extremely efficient but it’s also essential that we create a look that reflects a modern shopping environment. At the Kingsbury store we are installing sleek black units which present the food in a very appealing way and allow shoppers easy access.”

The shop in Tamworth Road will also be able to offer a much greater range of fresh food when the makeover is complete.

24-Seven Cooling previously designed and installed the air conditioning and refrigeration at two other purpose-built Tamworth Co-op convenience stores in Glascote and Dosthill.

Mr Jones added: “We have worked with Tamworth Co-op for many years to help it successfully reduce its energy costs.”

24-Seven Cooling engineers have extensive experience of the retail sector, providing a maintenance service and new equipment for a number of other co-operatives in the region.