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24-Seven Cooling Ltd

Specialists in energy-saving air conditioning and refrigeration systems

We install and maintain highly efficient air conditioning and refrigeration systems, reducing energy bills by 40 per cent or more. That’s not a prediction – that’s a promise.

24-Seven Cooling Ltd is based in Staffordshire, in the very heart of the country. We’re proud to work with some of Britain’s household names. Our customers include leading supermarkets, convenience stores, processing factories, funeral homes, pharmacies, childcare providers and even a Formula 1 racing team.

We source and install highly reliable systems backed up by thorough and transparent maintenance contracts which minimise the risk of expensive repairs.

This involves us constantly scouring domestic and overseas markets to ensure the refrigeration and air conditioning systems we recommend are amongst the best in the world.  We scrutinise innovative products with an expert eye, examining quality, aesthetics and the cost-saving potential for clients.

Our 18-strong team of highly trained and experienced engineers is responsible for the installation, service, maintenance and commissioning of a wide spectrum of projects and works on sites of all sizes.

24-Seven Cooling provides independent, honest advice. We never cut corners and are true to our word when it comes to energy savings.

We pride ourselves on being fully tuned in to our customers’ needs.

We’re small enough to care… but big enough to cope with even the most demanding jobs.

We're professional, we’re friendly…. we’re 24-Seven Cooling and we’re here to save you money.

Refrigeration and cold store rooms
Commercial and industrial air conditioning

Bob Read

Senior general manager, Tamworth Co-operative Society

24-Seven Cooling promised us a 40 per cent reduction in energy bills at our main supermarket in Tamworth. We achieved a 50 per cent reduction!

At our Whittington food store they doubled the amount of refrigeration units, yet still helped us to lower our costs.


Regular maintenance can save you thousands